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One of the best things about hardwood flooring is its extensive lifespan that could last more than 100 years. When professionally installed, these floors are easy to maintain and add to the lifespan that goes on and on. There are plenty more facts about this flooring line you should know, and we're going to share some brief facts with you here, so read along for that information.

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Wood floors are well known for their extensive lifespan, with even engineered products providing more than 30 years with proper care, but there are many other reasons to choose these floors. For instance, the stunning visuals you can create, with various species, stain colors, formats, and texture options, cater to your existing décor with trendy options that could keep you current for years to come. You can also customize the installation layout, choosing methods like chevron or herringbone installations for an added visual layer that could change everything.

Hardwood flooring provides impressive durability as a natural material, even under heavy traffic. But better still is the ability to refinish these materials once wear does begin to show. Refinishing these materials strips away all the years of wear and abuse to allow you the option to start all over with a fresh layer of natural wood.

Installation always begins with acclimation, which can last from one to three days, depending on the humidity and weather in the area on installation day. After that, we will share all the details about your specific installation so that you won't be surprised by any aspect of the service, and you're free to ask questions if you have them. To learn more about wood floors, visit us whenever you're in the area.

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